How to Book Your DVLA Theory or Driving Test

In order to become a legal driver in the United Kingdom, you must go through the DVLA and complete the required tests. There are two tests which must be taken and passed – theory and driving. It is necessary to book a spot for these tests in advance, and the following information will help you to complete this required step without hassle.

Theory tests can either be booked online or by calling the DVLA. Online booking will require that you provide some basic information and select a day or time from those that are available. Both car and motorcycle theory tests cost £23, and this amount is payable at the time you arrive to take the test. It is also possible to pay at the time that the booking is completed online. A debit or credit card can be used to submit the payment. Language options include English, Welsh, or British Sign Language.

It is possible to practice your driving theory test online, and this is quite a good idea. 50-question practice tests are available online. Actual tests have 100 questions, but the practice tests will give you a good idea of what to expect when you go to take your test. Note that if you fail your theory test, you will be required to take it again, but cannot do so any sooner than 3-days after your previous testing session. There will be a fee charged for each test administered by DVLA, so passing the first time is obviously ideal.

Driving tests must also be scheduled in advance. Online, you can enter your post code to find the DVLA testing location that is nearest to you. The practical test typically costs £62, but the cost can increase when testing is done after 4:30pm, or is done on weekends or bank holidays. In most cases, you will need to have taken and passed your theory test before you will be allowed to take your driving test. You may also need your Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving license number, and will need a credit or debit card to submit payment for testing.

If you have booked a test and cannot attend for some reason, contact the DVLA right away. It may be possible to reschedule the appointment. Note that you must give at least 3 working days notice in order to change your test date or you’ll be required to pay again. Bank holidays and weekend days do not count as working days. Keep this in mind should you need to cancel your test or move it to a new date or time.